Youth Ministries

An exceptional youth ministry is vital for the growth of any church, and ultimately, the furthering of the Kingdom of God. Whether it be through a youth led worship service or a youth outing to an amusement park, the goal is always cultivating a relationship through Christ. Small groups allow our youth to study and gain a deeper understanding of Christ and their responsibilities as they grow in Him every day. Our goal at Ekron Baptist Church is to reach out to youth and provide a place of fellowship, growth. and place where we can connect with God, each other, and the community.

  • Love God and others — Matt 22:37-40
  • Importance of study of The Word and daily prayer — Tim. 3:16-17
  • Build and strengthen your faith — Rom. 5:1-21, 3:21-26, 4:13-24
  • Love like Christ–Matt. 9:12
  • Spread The Word of Christ — Matt. 5:16, 28:19-20




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For more information about our Youth Ministry and upcoming events, please contact
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